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We specialize in Agile software development practices on the .NET stack and implementing the Lean Startup Methodology in both startups and large corporations. We believe in people and delivering the right product earlier and with less waste than traditional methods, giving you the edge over your competition, no matter how scary they are.

  • Reduce cost and scale confidently in the cloud

  • beat uncertainty with lean methods

  • leverage automation to unleash your team's potential

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Why work with Sonata Cove?

Founded in early 2012 by Ryan Hayes, a Microsoft MVP and member of the Windows Azure Scenario Advisor program, Sonata Cove Software was designed to be a fundamentally different consulting firm. It's a group of seasoned developers who are not only experts in their craft, but are entrepreneurial at heart. We want to deliver the best software possible while helping our customers grow their business. Without understanding the intersection of technology, business, and people, it's hard to make a successful product. We're here to change the way you feel about consultants and software contractors. We're about:

  • The Cloud: Our business is run 100% in the cloud, meaning we're not reading a sales script when we say we can use it to help make you more agile and save you time and money.
  • The Lean Startup Methodology: We build software for clients and ourselves in a new way that blows uncertainty and waste out of the water.
  • The Future: Our consultants are not just experts, but leaders in the development community. They know where things are going and can help you avoid an ugly rewrite by choosing the right technologies and techniques for the tasks now and later.
  • Honesty: We were tired of working for consulting companies that misrepresent junior developers as "experts" only to make everyone work 60+ hour, corner-cutting, technical-debt-inducing weeks in hopes the client doesn't catch on. We're changing that by bringing honesty back to software development consulting, even if it means passing on a contract because actual experts are booked.